Mast 1.0

Mast 1.0

The first step to the career you want.

If you don’t have any prior trucking experience, you’ll start out in Mast 1.0 training. This program is designed to take you from absolutely no knowledge to feeling completely comfortable on the road. You’ll also get all of the technical and practical experience that you need to operate a truck safely. Towards the end of Mast 1.0 you will prep for and take your CDL exam. This is the first step towards starting your new career as a truck driver.

What to Expect in Mast 1.0

Week 1

  • Welcome to Mast Trucking, orientation, tour, and an overview of expectations
  • If you don’t have your permit, you’ll study and test for it
  • Physical and functional capacity test
  • Start to drive truck around our terminal

Week 2

  • Classroom learning
  • Learn and execute pre-trip inspection
  • Work on maneuvers

Week 3

  • Safety policies, MPG, route planning, night driving, time management
  • Perform all maneuvers
  • Extended drive time
  • Test for CDL

Week 4

  • Extended drive time
  • Test out of all curriculum
  • Final preparations to get you read for life on the road
  • Get your EFS Card, review income details, and what you’ll need for Mast 2.0
  • Graduate Mast 1.0

Things you’ll learn in Mast 1.0

  • Get your CDL
    • Pre-trip inspection
    • Maneuvers & Backing
    • Driving
  • Tools for success
    • MPG
    • Route planning
    • Defensive driving
    • Road wellness
    • Hours of service
  • Mast Trucking Teamwork
    • Mission, Vision, Values
    • Career path options
    • Practical mileage pay
    • Safety Policies


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