Founded in 1969

Our founder, Willis Mast, started Mast Trucking in 1969 with one truck hauling livestock. Over time, his son Kevin took the reins and transitioned to hauling refrigerated freight. Now, 50+ years since the start, Mast Trucking now has about 200 employees and delivers food to over a thousand cities across the eastern U.S.

In 2018, we built a CDL Training and Pro Driver program from the ground up to address a need we saw: a shortage of drivers in the industry. We didn’t need more CDL holders, we need great, professional drivers.

People like you who wanted to break into the truck driving industry and benefit from the financial freedom and career possibilities it offered were failing- and it wasn’t their fault.

The system was set up so that you took all the risk to come up with the $10,000 it costs to go to CDL school, then hope that a good company would hire you and then give you at least a little bit of training that you need to become a professional driver.

But this rarely happened. Tons of good folks were coming up with hard-earned money to get their CDL. But they didn’t get the training they needed to succeed.

We haul food for companies like


Your path to a pro truck driver career & financial freedom - even if you have zero experience

The Mast Professional CDL Training & Driving program is the ideal way to get out of manual labor jobs, tiny pay increases, and limited career advancement.

We’ve intentionally crafted every phase of the program to equip you to:

Your CDL training is paid for
Trained by veteran drivers
Get confident on the road
Enjoy a job you love in a stable industry
Experience financial freedom & a future you look forward to

Join our team of trucking professionals