What To Expect

What to Expect with Mast Training

Great training prepares new drivers with the confidence to tackle the challenges that truck drivers face. It’s important that our drivers feel confident and successful long term, and that’s why we don’t take any shortcuts in our training. Some companies prioritize getting drivers on the road above taking the time to properly train their drivers, and that’s not the kind of company a good driver deserves.

With Mast training, you get two things:

Best training in the industry
Best training in the industry

At Mast, we have assembled a team of high-performers. When we’re training you, we want you to be a high performer on our team, too. We make sure that you’re equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience you’ll need when you’re out on the road. If you’re looking for the bare minimum, we’re not the right fit.

A driving position that gets you experience.
A driving position that gets you experience.

As in any career, the first year is a learning experience. When you graduate the training program and go solo, you’re going to continue to learn and grow and we help you through it, every step of the way. When you’ve driven 100,000 miles you’ve hit a huge milestone. Then you get to choose from any of our experienced driver positions.

You always have the power to choose where you want to work.

At Mast, we pride ourselves on creating jobs that people want to do. After completing the Mast Training program and earning one year of experience, you will be able to choose any pay plan available to our experienced drivers.

Training Snapshot

Join a team of high performers

Here’s a few things we require of all applicants.

Are you a high performer? Someone that wants to be at the top of their game? You’re in good company. At Mast, we show up on time and work hard.

Pick from any available position

Be flexible

Learn to roll with the punches as you work in a fast-changing industry.

Pick from any available position

Grow as a trucker

Accept constructive feedback and use it to grow as a professional driver.

Word Hard

Personal responsibility

Live to up to the standards of a Great Mast Driver, and take personal responsibility for your choices and actions.

Drug-free environment

Drug-free environment

Study and work in a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.

Below is an outline of Mast Training

The Basics

Go from absolutely no knowledge to feeling completely comfortable on the road. You’ll also get all of the technical and practical experience that you need to operate a truck safely and get your CDL.

Advanced Concepts

Four weeks of OTR (Over The Road) Training alongside one of our experienced Mast Trucking drivers. You’ll learn about our customers, service area, and lanes, as well as gain experience with time management and route planning.

Solo-driving with check-ins

During your first year, you can expect to make $35k-$55k. Your first year is designed to get you experience, acclimate you to the industry, and prepare you for a long and successful career in the industry.

Choose your future

After year one, you’re considered an experienced driver. As an experienced driver, you’ll pick any of our experienced driver pay plans, and become eligible for paid vacation and full benefits.

Ready to start your training?

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