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Your Professional Driver Career

You did it! You put in the effort and time. You were teachable. You took advantage of all the support the Mast CDL and Pro Driver Training Program offers to set you up for success, and you logged your first 100,000! Here’s to 100,000 more! You’re a pro driver with a great career ahead of you and the financial freedom you’ve been wanting. 

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Create your own future

Now that you’re a pro driver, you can consider additional roles that are available to our drivers that complete 100,000 miles, including training, becoming an owner-operator, power-only operator, dispatching, and other non-driving positions.
As a driver, you’ve chosen a path of stability and autonomy
You’ve been in their shoes. Train new drivers while maximizing your income
With a base in trucking, you may have opportunities to become more independent or join other departments within this growing company

Great benefits

As a family-owned business, we value the well-being of our employees and their loved ones.
Because of that, we offer healthcare, 401K, PTO, and bonuses to full-time employees.


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Your path to a successful trucking career


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Give us a call, text, or chat and talk to the friendly folks in our training department. They’ll answer all the questions you have about the CDL training and pro driver program.


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Get your CDL, classroom training and real-world experience – with continued support from our entire organization.


Drive Your Own Success

Becoming a professional driver can lead to the career, benefits, and financial freedom you deserve.
Talk to our team about Mast’s CDL training program, and learn more about the four steps of the professional driver roadmap.