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You’ve got options when it comes to getting your CDL and becoming a truck driver. But not all CDL training programs are the same.
You’ve got lots of options, but in Northeast Ohio, Mast CDL Training and Pro Driver Program stands above the rest.

 Here’s a look at the three primary options you have: CDL training school, mega carrier or Mast CDL Training.

Mast CDL Training
State CDL School
Mega Carrier Training
Sets you up to succeed
Yes. In addition to helping you pass the CDL test, we teach you what it takes be successful as a professional driver who is safe and productive.
No. They set you up to pass a test, not to become a well-trained driver.
No. The larger companies depend on volume. They hire a ton of potential drivers knowing only a few will make it through.
Free CDL training
Yes. And you’re a paid employee from Day 1.
No. You pay $10K upfront for CDL training. Then you have to go out and find a job with no real-world experience.
Some do have free programs, but many times, you’re required to make weekly or monthly payments towards your training tuition.
Small class sizes
Yes. Our teacher-student ratio is usually less than 5:1.
No. Classes are large and teacher-student ratios are high with limited time behind the wheel.
No. Classes are large and you’ll be one of 10s or 100s being trained.
Matched with a veteran
driver for training
Yes, we match you with a veteran driver as soon as you graduate phase 1.
No. They don’t do any real-world, hands-on
Sometimes. Often, they don’t have a trainer available right away. Other times, the trainers are very inexperienced themselves. If you don’t get matched with a trainer, you may be sitting at home playing the waiting game.
You’ll have a job after
passing the CDL
Yes. Because you’re a member of our team,
we’re invested in your success. Our training program will set you up to pass the CDL test and give you the tools you need to be a great professional driver.
No. You’re on your own – without the necessary driver training – to find a job.
Yes, but many times you’ll have limited options.
You can train in Ohio
Yes. Training takes place in Millersburg. After training, you can be based out of HQ in Massillon, Ohio.
Yes. If they are state certified.
Not usually. Often times they will train you in a different state.

Follow your new pro driver career path

We want you to succeed as a professional Mast driver. You’ll be a Mast employee from day 1 and you won’t have to come up with money to enroll in CDL school (which usually costs around $10,000). But we go even further than that. We don’t just want you to earn your CDL. We want you to be experienced behind the wheel. So part of this portion of the training includes maneuvers and real-world experience.

Stay close to home to train

You won’t be shipped off to a faraway state to endure training for months at a time. Spend a week at a time our Millersburg, Ohio training. After you complete training, you can choose to be based out of the Millersburg or Canton terminal, whichever is better for you.

Get personalized attention

With smaller classes you get plenty of time behind the wheel. Our teacher-student ratio is 5:1 or less, so your instructors will know you by name and you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback from veteran drivers.

Get paid to train

Employee from Day 1

Train locally

Experienced trainers

Inside Mast CDL & Pro Driver Training

It’s not enough to just get your CDL. To build a career out of this investment of your time and resources, you need to be trained in real-world problem-solving, trip planning, maneuvers, and much more. Our top-tier training program covers everything you need to know to confidently get on the road and drive solo with continued support.

Learn what you need to know to obtain your CDL

(Entry-level driver training & classroom learning)

Get confident behind the wheel

(Learn driving maneuvers)

Prepare for success on the road

(Pre-trip inspection, planning, and communication)

Achieve your financial dreams

The Mast CDL training and pro driver program is unlike any other training program in Northeast Ohio. Give us a call to talk about how our program can help you get the freedom and stability you’ve always wanted

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