What it Takes

Do you have what it takes?

At Mast Trucking, our work is vital to keeping food available for millions of Americans. Many sacrifices come with this, and they are not always seen and appreciated by the public. Consider the things you might need to give up and decide from the beginning if you’re able to make these sacrifices.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you teachable?

To become a professional driver, you’ll have to learn a lot over a short period of time and you’ll keep learning new things for years to come.

Are you flexible?

Our industry is fast-paced and often changing. Is dealing with changes, people, and frustrations something you’re used to or able to adapt to?

Are you okay with spending extended time away from home and family?

A better question may be, “Are your loved ones okay with you spending extended time away from them?” The reality of this career is that there will be times when your family will need to function with you away from home.

Have you ever worked 12-14 hour days?

In trucking you can be driving for 11 hours, and on duty for up to 14 hours per day. Long days with delivery appointments round the clock will be required.

Do you meet all of the following criteria?

  • At least 21 years old
  • Have an Ohio Driver’s License
  • No DUI/OVI in the last 10 years
  • No more than 1 violation on your driving record in the last year
  • No more than 2 violations on your driving record in the last 3 years
  • Able to pass a DOT Physical and both Hair and Urine Drug Screens (includes testing for marijuana)
  • Able to pass a complete criminal background check

Your path to a successful trucking career


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