Getting Your Class A Commercial Learner's Permit

How To Get Your Permit

  • If at all possible, study & try to get your permit before starting the training program
  • You’ll need to pass 3 parts of the permit test:
  • Taking the test is free but it will cost about $30 for your permit after you pass all 3 tests.
  • You’ll have to go to an Exam Station BMV to take the permit test. Most are open Tuesday-Saturday.
    • To find the closest EXAM STATION BMV use the Ohio BMV Map & Select EXAM STATION
    • Do not call/google CDL Testing sites – that is different!
  • Once you pass, you must present a BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PASSPORT at the BMV

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Most people fail the test 2-3 times before they pass. You’ll need to study, and plan to take the test a few times before passing.
  • We’ve provided several resources for you to use to study for the permit test. 
  • Our suggestion: Read through a section of the manual, and then take practice tests for each section.


  • Click the link below for an online PDF or audio file of the manual, or if you prefer a hard copy you can pick up a free copy at your local BMV.


  • Chapters to study for permit test:

    • Chapter 1: Intro
    • Chapter 2: Driving Safely
    • Chapter 3: Transporting Cargo Safely
    • Chapter 5: Air Brakes
    • Chapter 6: Combination Vehicles

Helpful Links

Study Schedule

  • One of the most challenging parts of studying is figuring out how to break down the material into smaller chunks, making it more easily managed and understood. We have provided three different study timelines based on the days between now and when you have scheduled your test. Choose the timeline that matches closest to the days available.